Current photodocumentation: Blackbird´s nestbuilding and breeding of blackbirds chicks

Nest of a common blackbird (turdus merula)

From the series: Germany`s next top model male blackbird (gntmmb)

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Latest Video (approx. 5MB) of blackbird chicks being fed:

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Breeding first eggs

Directly in front of my kitchen window: Femal blackbird has built her nest for her young
blackbirds babies to come. My photodocumentation of blackbird´s nestbuilding and
breeding of baby blackbirds. To avoid distraction of the femal blackbird mother bird
I mostly use interval-timers.




Since last night all four blackbird babies have been hatched.
The baby blackbirds (blackbirds chicks) still are blind, but are
already able to move their necks and widely open their beaks
to be fed with the wurms they madly desire. Tirelessly female
and male blackbird parents serve them with "fresh" worms.
I find it quite surprising that the little blackbird chicks already
have thin "hair", or rather subtle growing fine feathers which
often remind me of punk´s hairstyling :-)

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