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Home of German-Britisch translator, journalist, online-editor, ghoswriter (for commercial lawyers, authors, journalists and other freelancers), webmaster/content-manager, digital online media marketer & photojournalist Kilian Tribbeck (aka "original netgent").

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I highly appreciate your interest in my Editorial Services SEO Text Web Translation Munich and look forward to your contacting my bilingual digital online media marketing services and English translation service in Munich, the heart of beautiful Bavaria, which is not only famous for it´s world famous beerfestival Oktoberfest!

Best regards, Kilian Tribbeck.

... because communication matters!

Infos on my Editorial Services SEO Text Web Translation Munich - digital online media marketing services in Munich. My translation service covers translations GE-EN, EN-GE, press- releases and pr-texts in German & English, editing, final editing, website maintenance/content-management/webmastering (WordPress & Dreamweaver CS6), Search Engine Optimization SEO, photography & photojournalism as well as ghostwriting in German & English.

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Current Photo documentations & Photojournalism

Refugees Munich Fairground Interview SCR Small-Fotojournalismus von Bildjournalist Kilian Tribbeck auf 500px. com-Reditiorial Services SEO Text Web Translation Munich Amselweibchen_MG_6826-AW-Nestcheck-Eiercheck-Kilian-Tribbeck Refugees Munich Girl Smile Food Happy-Photojournalist Kilian Tribbeck photojournalism series on refugees from Syria and asylum seekers from Syria Afghanistan and Irak in Munich on 500px.com

Photodocumentation on current refugees crisis and Wildlifedocumentary on nestbuilding, breeding and feeding of common blackbirds. A selection of my videos on youtube.